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If you are in the market for a new camera then you can’t go past the Canon range, particularly the new Canon EOS R, the full-frame mirrorless camera.

Yes, it comes with a bit of a hefty price tag but it is worth every penny as it will have even the most amateur of photographers taking photos like a professional.

This camera is enhancing performance like never before. It’s intuitive control captures movement in any light with the fastest, sharpest Canon lenses, hyperfast autofocus and 30.3MP Full Frame CMOS sensor.

Not only does it take remarkable images with vivid colour, it does so with incredible intelligence in auto shooting mode. There is really not much need for post editing on your images.

The light weight mixed with deep handle makes carrying this camera a breeze. Easy to use buttons for fast control certainly makes using this camera a pleasure.


Experience intuitive control with revolutionised feel and functionality with the EOS R full frame mirrorless camera – full frame meaning its image sensor is roughly the same size as a piece of 35mm film, and mirrorless meaning it doesn’t have a mirror that mechanically flips up and down (like a DSLR).

Not only does it capture movement in any light with the fastest, sharpest Canon lenses, hyperfast autofocus and a 30.3MP Full Frame CMOS sensor, it is much lighter to carry than previous Canon models.

The clean modern design and intuitive new control with RF lenses deliver unprecedented levels of sharpness and all feature Canon’s new lens control ring for fast intuitive shooting. This is perfect when shooting wildlife. Matched with a dedicated RF lens range, this camera delivers unrivalled image quality.

The new RF system has a wider 54mm mount with a shorter 20mm flange, meaning it’s a lot wider to let more light in, and the distance from the lens to sensor is shorter, which should aid in its focusing capabilities.

All of Canon’s new RF lenses will have a new ring on them (in addition to focus and zoom rings) that can be mapped to control aperture, shutter speed, ISO, or exposure comp. Canon has three adaptors that allow you to use your old glass without any loss in quality.

Most importantly for first time users, the dials and buttons on the EOS R are easily customizable to shoot your way while each RF lens features Canon’s new lens control ring for fast control over your choice of aperture, shutter speed, ISO or exposure compensation.

The Lens

Purchase the body with the RF 24-105mm Lens and you can’t go wrong. Regardless of what level of zoom or aperture you select, the RF 24-105mm lens stays clear. Such a versatile lens, it holds up well in a high-stress environment. Shooting wildlife at dusk in Africa with limited light even produced stunning results.

Canon EOS R Body RRP: $3,099.00.

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