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Solomon Islands … an instagrammer’s paradise

The Solomon Islands is one of the most beautiful places in the world — its pristine islands and beaches, colourful locals and endless greenery need no Instagram filters.

An instagrammer’s paradise, the best thing about the Solomon Islands is that you don’t need to dodge those other pesky tourists that get in the way. The seclusion of some of these spots in the Solomon Islands means you can get the exact right angle you want.

Here are just a few reasons why you can up your Instagram game in the Solomon Islands.

The water is so blue and clear, and the sand so white, there is no need for any filters

There are activities like trying to paddle in a traditional dugout canoe

Or stand up paddle boarding over picturesque reef

Then there is some amazing war history and wrecks to dive and snorkel

The palm tree lined shores are just begging to be photographed

Deck chair time while the sun sets is a must

There are overwater restaurants that offer the best dining view

And if you like seafood, then it is plentiful (and looks stunning)

The locals are so friendly (ok … these guys look a bit menacing)

As do these guys …

The women are just as stunning in their traditional dress

The different islands have their own unique culture, like these Pan Pipers from Santa Isabel

Best of all, you will often have the place to yourself to enjoy

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Kate Webster

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