Scooting off on a holiday has never been easier and more cost effective than with Scoot Airlines. With the new business class, ScootBiz, it has never been more comfortable either.

Flight: Gold Coast – Singapore – Bangkok (Don Mueang)

When: Wednesday 31 August 2016

Aircraft: Flight TZ5 / Flight TZ292

Class: ScootBiz (Business Class)

Configuration: 2-4-2

Seat: 2K / 1A

Duration: 8.10 hours Gold Coast – Singapore / 2.25 hours Singapore – Bangkok (Don Mueang)

Verdict: 4/5

Frequency: Scoot operates through flights to Bangkok (Don Mueang) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Frequent Flyer: Scoot has now teamed up with KrisFlyer to make Scooting an even more rewarding experience. KrisFlyer members can use their miles to redeem Scoot travel vouchers, which can then be used to purchase flights or add-on services.

Lounge: Scoot does not have its own lounge in Singapore, however does have access to the SATS Premier Lounge Departure Transit Hall, Level 3, Terminal 2. The facilities in this lounge include Wi-Fi, shower, workstations, massage chairs, magazines & newspapers. It is open 24 hours, however the Scoot Pass to the lounge is only valid for 3 hours. I highly recommend pre-booking this, because if you purchase it on arrival it is a bit of a task to do so and may take up to an hour to organise. To purchase separate costs SGD39.

Baggage: ScootBiz allows passengers a whopping 30kg check-in luggage and 2 pieces (up to 15kg) of cabin baggage. This means taking your surfboard is easy.

Checking in: You can do your online check in for a speedy bag drop at the airport, however flying ScootBiz means you have a dedicated queue which offers a speedy check in anyway.

Onboard: As the flight is operated by the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, the plane is extremely spacious and fresh. ScootBiz offers preferred seat selection in an exclusive upfront cabin, with the most experienced staff. ScootBiz offers a First-on-Board service with priority check-in and boarding. Once on board you are greeted with a welcome drink and one additional alcoholic beverage. The staff were friendly and happy to help with an attentive manor.

Seat: The ScootBiz seats are full leather with at least 38” (96cm) of legroom, 22” (56cm) of width, 8” (20cm) of recline and fully adjustable headrests and legrests. I was pleasantly surprised at the room. The only downfall to these seats is the hard solid arm rests that cannot be lifted to provide even more room if the seat next to you is vacant.


Service: There were 3 cabin crew looking after the ScootBiz passengers, all of whom were extremely friendly, polite and eager to assist. I had a chat to a few of them and we discussed things to do in Bangkok, their local knowledge just an added bit of service.


Meals: The meals are complimentary in ScootBiz and vary from a selection of Singaporean delights and Western meals. Premium Selections come with a deluxe meal, two deluxe sides and a drink. I opted for the traditional Singapore Signature Chicken Rice – an all famous Singapore Signature Chicken Rice served with vegetables and fragrant rice cooked in chicken stock, not forgetting some Chicken Rice Chilli to complete the meal.


Entertainment: In-seat power was probably the best part of my flight, so I could keep all my gadgets charged throughout the flight. There is also in-flight WiFi available for purchase, so you can stay connected while in the air. For those who want to relax, you can stream movies and TV shows to your devices with ScooTV (where available). This is included in the ScootBiz ticket.

Kate flew to Bangkok as a guest of Scoot.

Kate Webster

Kate Webster is the founder and owner of Captured Travel Media. She is a world traveller, ocean lover and conservation warrior who is determined to make every moment count for not only herself, but the world around her. An editor and travel journalist, Kate travels the globe in search of vivid imagery and compelling stories that capture the essence of the people and places she visits. She is a passionate conservation advocate, sustainable traveller and always travels with reason and cause.


  1. Hi Kate,
    Im having a very hard time with this airline right now. Ive seen that you wrote that to take a surfboard with you is easy with Scoot. However, they are telling to me that the max linear dimensions are 158cm, which no surfboard could have this dimensions ever. What is the info that you have so far about this? I would really appreciate an answer, Im flying soon!

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Alexandra,

    I flew ScootBiz so had extra baggage allowance. You can find information about taking sporting goods here –

    Sporting equipment
    Your sporting equipment – such as golf clubs, surfboards, canoes, scuba diving apparel, skis and bicycles – counts towards your free baggage allowance. If you exceed this allowance, the usual additional baggage charges will apply. This policy also applies if you’re travelling to or from the USA.

    We are unable to accept any item above 32kg as checked baggage, and these items may have to be re-packed or sent as cargo. Connect with your local cargo agent prior to your travel if you wish to transport any item above 32kg as cargo.

    Did you want to email me at and I can see if I can help further.

  3. Hi, I have the same issue, they answered me via email saying that the same thing they said to you Alexandra i.e. ‘ max linear dimensions are 158cm ‘ …..

    This answer is not meaningful as my 6’4 shortboard is 195cm.

    Then I found this news of 2years ago

    I asked a Greek friend to give their customer service a call tomorrow so that I can get some answers.

    I can keep you posted

    My facebook if you want to contact me in pvt

    1. Hello again,
      Scoot do take surfboard often and in fact sponsor a number of surfing events. Please do email me at for further advice.

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