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FLIGHT REVIEW: Air Mauritius – Perth to Port Louis, Mauritius

Flying the flag carrier Air Mauritius to Port Louis, Mauritius, is where your holiday experience begins.

With friendly staff onboard to welcome you with smiles, new planes with fresh and funky interiors and a pretty unique comfort kit onboard, Air Mauritus really does step up to the mark as an international carrier.

Air Mauritius is a comfortable way to travel from Perth to Mauritius and beyond to Africa, India and Europe. Up to three weekly flights (Wednesday / Friday* / Sunday) from Perth to Mauritius now operate with convenient departure times. Easy connections from Australian cities are available with partner airline Virgin Australia.

Kate Webster recently flew to Mauritius with Air Mauritius. Here is the verdict.

Flight: MK441 Perth (PER) – Port Louis, Mauritius (MRU)

When: 14 November 2018

Aircraft: Airbus A330-202

Class: Economy / Economy

Seat: 32A

Configuration: 2-4-2

Flight time: 8 hours

CHECK IN: Air Mauritius departs from Perth only so connecting flights within Australia domestically are with the interline partner, Virgin Australia. I was flying from Brisbane to Perth and the connection time was tight. Add that to the fact my flight was delayed, made for a quick dash at the Perth Airport. Luckily, my baggage had been checked through to my end destination upon check-in in Brisbane and the fact that the Virgin Domestic terminal is at the same location as the international terminal certainly helped. I do recommend you allow yourself enough connection time in Perth from your domestic flight (minimum 2 hours to be comfortable).

THE SEAT: I was pleasantly surprised to find the plane was new and the interior design a funky blue and patterned. It instantly made me feel in holiday mode (strange how a plane interior colours can do that). I was lucky enough to have a window seat and a spare seat beside me to stretch out and have a comfortable flight while amazing visuals out the window. There are 251 seats in Economy Class and 24 seats in Business Class on the Airbus A330-202 with the Economy Class configuration setup 2-4-2. With a 79 cm (31 inch) pitch, the new generation seats offer you relaxation throughout your flight experience. I note the in-flight comfort pack was one of the best I have had in a while, with some unique extras like stick on mosquito repellent tabs and a mobile phone card holder sleeve.

FOOD AND WINE: Air Mauritius provides a choice of meals on-board according to the class of travel and the flight (medium or long haul). A diverse range of meals are offered on board, including the Creole, European, Indian and Asian. I opted for the chicken dish with a creamy white sauce and vegetable, accompanied with a cous cous salad and dessert.

ENTERTAINMENT: Individual screens and headsets are available with a movie library that includes current Hollywood and Bollywood box office hits, documentaries, children’s movies and many more. The interactive AVOD (Audio & Video on Demand) system allows you to pick the movie of your choice, in your own time, and with options to pause, rewind, forward, and stop. There is also the choice of music or games if you get bored of the movies, or pick up a copy of the inflight magazine for a read.

THE VERDICT: The flight was smooth, departed on time and the on-board staff were extremely friendly and pleasant. I really enjoyed the space in the cabin and the overall décor was fresh. I certainly would board an Air Mauritius flight again.

Kate Webster

Kate Webster is the founder and owner of Captured Travel Media. She is a world traveller, ocean lover and conservation warrior who is determined to make every moment count for not only herself, but the world around her. An editor and travel journalist, Kate travels the globe in search of vivid imagery and compelling stories that capture the essence of the people and places she visits. She is a passionate conservation advocate, sustainable traveller and always travels with reason and cause.