In the Solomon Islands they have a saying, “so Solomons, so different”, and this couldn’t be more true.

It is nothing like its neighbourhood Pacific Islands such as Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Samoa, and it doesn’t want to be. Because what makes the Solomon Islands so special is the uniqueness that can only be obtained when not overrun by tourists.

Yes, the Solomon Islands are not on everyone’s bucket list, but for those travellers who seek out something a little bit different, then it is right up your alley.

Flying over the Solomon Islands. Photo Credit: Kate Webster

A short three-hour flight from Brisbane will land you in the capital, Honiara, on the main island of Guadalcanal, just one of the six main islands. There are over 900 islands in total that make up the sovereign country, leaving plenty of room for exploration.

Solomon Airlines (IE) provides flights between Australia and Honiara as well as to destinations throughout the Solomon Islands. They operate from Brisbane with domestic connections available from major cities within Australia and also domestically once in the Solomon Islands.

The destination is raw and diverse. It has a unique culture that can be explored throughout the islands. The diving is world-class, with some of the most incredible wreck dives in the region. This stems from the history and many places around the Solomon Islands are still scattered with remnants from the war in the Pacific. Being an island nation, there is no denying that fishing is top class and the many surfing breaks provide empty waves for the taking.

Kennedy Island displays remnants of the war history. Photo Credit: Kate Webster

Since the Royals, Prince William and Princess Kate, visited the Solomon Islands, the appeal for couples, romance and even weddings has taken off in the Solomon Islands. And why not, with secluded beaches and intimate villas tucked between palm trees, there is no better place to relax with a loved one or take in a Solomon’s sunset arm in arm.

Travellers to the Solomon Islands need to be flexible. The destination is raw and still learning to deal with tourist numbers and demands. This is what makes it so genuine. The locals are friendly and happy to assist in any way, just be polite and ask. As the islands offer so much, there is a broad scope of what to do there.

Where to stay

Solomon Islands, Gizo. Fatboys Resort. Photo Credit – Kate Webster

Honiara is the main gateway to the other islands so you will find a stay in the capital is needed to connect to the outer islands with flight schedules. This allows time to explore the city and surrounds, and really a stopover en route is not enough time to take it all in. Here are some suggestions for places to stay.

Coral Sea Resort & Casino

Coral Seas Resort. Photo Credit: Kate Webster

Coral Sea Resort is one of the newest properties in Honiara, the Solomon Islands, conveniently located on the water’s edge of Town Ground, near Honiara CBD. A 20-minute transfer from Honiara International Airport or a 3-minute trip from the wharf will have you relaxing at this entertainment mecca, linked with the Casino, while still offering the allure of the Pacific Seaside. The venue embodies the vibrant, urban and Solomon Islander spirits. Rooms at the Coral Sea Resort & Casino are divided into four categories and cater for all types of travellers, including the Coral Sea Villas, Seaview Suites, Long Stay Suites and Garden View Suites.

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Fatboys Resort

Solomon Islands, Gizo. Fatboys Resort. Photo Credit – Kate Webster

Arrival at Fatboys brings you to Fatboys Resort, Bar & Restaurant, which is situated atop crystal clear waters and the surrounding reef. There are waterfront or overwater bungalows, constructed of traditional leaf and local hardwoods, which blend in with the magnificent surroundings. All accommodation is situated on the water’s edge with a short stroll to Fatboys Restaurant & Bar located along the private jetty, 100m out over the reef.

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Tavanipupu Private Islands Resort

Tavanipupu, Solomon Islands. Photo Credit – Kate Webster

Meaning ‘a place where the fish pass through’, Tavanipupu is a five-star Private Island Resort located in Marau Sound, Solomon Islands. An exciting 25 minutes east by plane from the Solomon Islands capital of Honiara and a short but scenic boat ride, Tavanipupu Private Island Resort is the South Pacific’s best-kept secret. There are only a limited number of bungalows at Tavanipupu which keeps the place secluded and private.

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What to do

Gizo Markets. Photo Credit: Kate Webster

The Solomon Islands offer so much to experience on land and under the ocean. You can be as adventurous as you dare or as chilled and relaxed as you please. There really is no limit to what you can experience in this incredible South Pacific jewel, so raw and natural.

Across the nearly 1000 islands that make up the Solomon Islands, you will find the fascinating history of WWII, cultural experiences that will have you living like a local, water-based activities like fishing, surfing and diving, and some of the best island retreats to escape to and just relax and unwind.

Here is just a snapshot of some of the myriad activities on offer for your Solomon Islands escape:

The colourful town of Gizo. Photo Credit: Kate Webster

Top 10 things to do/places to visit during your Solomon Islands holidays:

Get Wet! – Surf, Swim, Dive and Snorkel

Get Blown Away – Kavachi Volcano and Kolombangara

Shop Like a Local – Explore Honiara’s Colourful Markets

Blast from the Past – Learn about WWII

Skull Island – Visit A Cultural Treasure

Fall in Love – Visit Mataniko and Tenaru Falls

Marovo Lagoon – Discover this Wonder of Nature

Chew the Fat – Try Betel Nuts

Save an Egg – Nesting Leatherback Turtles

Go Local – Visit a Traditional Village

Shop for local handicrafts. Photo Credit: Kate Webster

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