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Buy Thankyou products to help end global poverty

Thankyou is a social enterprise that aims to end global poverty in this lifetime, together. They give 100% of the profits from their awesome products to helping people in need.

Almost a billion people live in extreme poverty, while six billion people don’t. Thankyou believes the six billion of us could work together to put an end to global poverty, for good.

Thankyou Water was born in 2008 in response to the world water crisis. At that time, over 900 million people didn’t have access to safe drinking water on a daily basis, yet the Australian bottled water industry was worth an estimated $600 million a year. Pretty wild given Aussies can access safe water straight from the tap!

Thankyou co-founder Daniel Flynn asked himself, “What if purchasing a bottle of water here in Australia could help provide water for people in need?”

In July 2013 they rebranded as Thankyou, complete with two new ranges: food and body care. The idea was to take a more holistic approach to combating poverty, with 100% of our profits funding safe water, food and hygiene and sanitation services around the world.

Thankyou Body Care Products

Thankyou Body Care products are feel good in so many ways. Of course they cleanse, moisturize and revive your skin with wonderful scented products. However, they also help more than just your body feel invigorated and alive.

The products have been developed with love and care to ensure they are not only good for you, but good for the world too. Thankyou Body Care exists to fund life-changing hygiene and sanitation projects in developing nations.

What if you saw your friends and family dying from preventable diseases but didn’t know how to stop it? Sadly, this is the reality for around 2.4 billion people in our world who don’t have access to adequate hygiene and sanitation.

In Australia, we place a large importance on hygiene and sanitation practices to avoid sickness and disease. However, many communities in developing nations have never been taught the benefits of something as simple as washing their hands with soap.

Through Thankyou Body Care, they work with project partners to educate and empower communities to practice correct hygiene and sanitation for real and lasting change.

Thankyou says “we fund sustainable hygiene and sanitation education programs tailored for each community area. Education is at the centre of the solution. By educating the community about personal, food and water hygiene practices we aim to achieve long-term behavioural change within the community to transform lives for a healthier future.”

Thankyou Body Care is available throughout Australia at stores like Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Chemmart and more.


Thankyou Water

Thankyou spring water is sourced from a careful selection of pristine Australian springs, complete with a natural balance of minerals. The quality of the water stems from the knowledge of local experts, and is made by a 100% Australian-owned manufacturer, a family business with over 20 years’ experience in the beverage industry.

Why Water?

Nearly 700 million people around the world don’t have access to safe water, yet the bottled water industry brings in billions of dollars every year. Thankyou realised the latter could form a part of the solution to the former.

Every bottle of Thankyou water helps to get safe water to someone in need. By choosing Thankyou, you’re helping to fund life-changing infrastructure like wells, rainwater harvesting systems, water pans, water filters and gravity-fed water solutions to the people who need them most.

Thankyou has helped fund safe water access for 192,367 people (as of January 2016), and that number keeps growing every day. So thank you.

Thankyou Water

Thankyou Food Products

Thankyou food range is expertly crafted by our amazing innovation team together with CTO (Chief Taste Officer), Callum Hann. Drawing on trend and industry insights and Callum’s amazing flavour making skills, we create yummy cereals and bars that are good for you and good for the world.

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Why Food?

Nearly 795 million people go hungry every day, yet research has shown there is enough food in the world to feed every person one and a half times over. It just needs a little redistribution.

Each pack from the Thankyou food range helps to feed someone in need. The rest of the profits are shared between funding immediate food-aid, long-term food solutions and food programs in Australia through Thankyou’s project partners.

Thankyou has helped fund food access for 89, 751 people (as of January 2016), and that number keeps growing every day. So thank you.

Thankyou Food

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