The Islands of Tahiti are known for their pristine blue waters, coral reefs and stunning island beaches – a place where you can fall in love or where love blossoms.

It is more than just a place for romance and couples however. The country has so much to offer beyond being the popular honeymoon destination.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to add Tahiti to your must visit list.

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1. Tahiti is for everyone

Not just for honeymoons or luxe getaways, there are 118 islands to explore offering everything from camping to rustic home-stays, and from home rentals to luxe overwater bungalows.

2. Delicious healthy delights

The islands offer an abundance of superfoods to kick-start your healthy habits for the year including pineapple plantations, coconut groves, and Noni juice, known locally as a cure for a number of diseases.

3. Discover the mystical Mana

Tahitians are considered some of the healthiest and happiest people on the planet, so go and inject some of the mystical Mana into your own life. (In Tahiti, mana is considered the life-force and spirit that surrounds us.)

4. The origins of Tattoos

The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian (Marquesan) word “tatau” and there’s even a festival to celebrate the art in November that attracts over 15,000 people.

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5. Swim with the gentle giants of the sea

Some of the best swim with whale opportunities in the world exist in Tahiti, and it’s one of the few places that a stingray will actually give you a hug and a kiss. (See attached pic)

6. The coral church

There is a church on the island of Fakarava that is made entirely of coral.

7. Where sleeping over the water was created

The overwater bungalow was created and first appeared on the island of Raiatea in the Islands of Tahiti, so they of course have some of the best in the world.

8. Forget the deadly creepy crawlies

There are no poisonous snakes or insects on any of the Islands!

9. French bread boxes

Tahitian residents have boxes outside their home that look like mail boxes, but are actually for French bread delivery. OM NOM NOM.

10. Get active

You can golf, run a marathon, cycle a road race, or take part in a triathlon in paradise.


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