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WA’s best wildflower season in a decade

The 2018 wildflower season is shaping up to be the best and biggest blooming display the Coral Coast region has seen in the past decade.

Botanical experts from Perth’s Kings Park, in addition to wildflower enthusiasts residing in Western Australia’s Coral Coast region, have forecast the season will commence in early August with thousands of species on display.

In particular the popular carpets of everlastings at Coalseam Conservation Park, noted as one of Western Australia’s premier wildflower hotspots, have germinated well during Autumn and early Winter.  Located near the farming town of Mingenew, the park should burst into full colour from early August.

Wildflowers are in bloom! Image: Australia’s Coral Coast

The everlastings flood, the sprawling farmland and arid scrub with pinks, yellows and creams, allowing those who experience this annual display to fully appreciate one of the state’s most spectacular natural events.

A bucket list item for flora lovers is the Wreath Leschenaultia, now in its early stages of development, and expected to be on full display by mid-August. This unusual but beautiful wildflower is found in ‘disturbed’ soils such as gravel tracks or freshly graded roadsides near towns such as Pindar. Look for hot pink flowers circling a rich green interior that result in the species colloquial name of “Wreath Flower”.

Murray Blyth, a Geraldton wildflower enthusiast, said “The Greater Geraldton area has had approximately 5-10 ml of consistent rain weekly since the end of May, which has set the 2018 Wildflower season.”

The Coral Coast is home to 3 of Australia’s 15 National Biodiversity Hotspots. Western Australia has over 12,000 wildflower species; 50% of which cannot be seen anywhere else on earth. In addition to the stronghold of native plants, the variety of wildlife characterises much of the Coral Coast’s biodiversity hotspots.

Now Blooming: White & yellow everlastings are blooming now around the town of Carnarvon, at the Blowholes Road and Oyster Creek Road. Lesueur National Park near Jurien Bay is currently in bloom with various orchids and other individual native flower species found in the National Park and along the Indian Ocean Drive. More native orchids can be found along Kalbarri’s Coastal Cliffs pathways. Each weekend from July to September, tourists can partake in free guided walking tours of the Geraldton’s Chapman River Park, locating endemic plants, reptiles and birds. Dates available via the Visitor Centre.

Visit Australia’s Coral Coast to see information on what flowers are in bloom, driving directions, accommodation ideas and itinerary planning tips.



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