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Travelling Solo the new trend for Aussie Adventurers

New research shows that one in four Aussies plan to travel solo for the first time in 2017.

Aussies are known for having a strong love for travel and having a love for experiencing other cultures, with findings showing that Australians name their favourite things about travelling as local culture and local foods.

For anyone who is a seasoned traveller, I am sure that you have played the game of ‘what country are they from?’. Australians are always easy to pick out from a crowd. They are always up for a good time and are renowned for wanting to have the complete experience.

Research revealled 42% of Australians started travelling at an early age of 10 years old or younger. This shows that travelling has always been a trend in Australia. Solo travel to a new country, however, is something that is usually reserved for really seasoned travellers. With technological advances, however, solo travel is becoming a more realistic option as travelling is now more efficient and safer.

Booking.com Chief Marketing Officer, Pepijn Rijvers describes first-time travel experiences as fruitful, life-enhancing and even life changing. Research supports this with evidence showing that memories of travel are some of the strongest memories held. The website offers an amazing service to those looking to travel solo for the first time. Booking.com provides over 1.1 million unique properties with over 23 million bookable rooms. So is there more of an excuse needed to plan your next trip?

Even if you are not ready to jet-set off around the world, on an international scale, Booking.com research found that Australia ranks as the No.1 international destination for solo travel, with Sydney being in the top 10 destinations for first-time travel.

For those keen on planning their next adventure overseas, Australians found USA, UK, Thailand and Argentina to be the most exciting countries.

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