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New Kyoto tours take travellers ‘Beyond the Surface’

Kyoto has released a new series of insider-guided experiences designed to unveil the essence of the cultural capital of Japan.

From exploring the hidden corners of historic castles to learning about traditional arts and crafts and strolling some of the city’s most unique neighbourhoods, the tours will make Kyoto’s cultural assets shine brighter than ever before.

Highlights of the series include:

Nijo-Jo Castle Tour:

A 90-minute English Guided tour looking back at the various Shoguns of the Edo period learning about their stories, the influence of the castle on history and culture and how it shaped the social structure of modern-day Japan.

Traditional Craft Tour:

Visit the stores around the Kyoto Imperial Palace that continue to preserve the traditional crafts that flourished in the city. Admire woodwork, bamboo crafts and gold lacquer whilst learning about the every-day lives of the people that run these establishments.

Higashi Hongan-Ji Traditional Picture-card Theatre & Neighbourhood Tour:

Highashi Hongan-ji Temple is amongst the world’s most impressive temples and starting point of the tour. Be introduced to the area in the form of a traditional Japanese picture-card show before visiting the temple and finishing off with a neighbourhood tour of Monzen-cho to explore local shops selling the area’s specialities.

Gion Neighbourhood Tour:

Explore the backstreets of one of Kyoto’s most iconic neighbourhoods, Gion. Discover the ‘geisha district’, admire its shrines, visit craft studios and more.

All tours are guided by the City of Kyoto Visitor Hosts, highly qualified interpreter guides specialised in Kyoto and that have undergone special training in the fields of history, culture and traditional arts as well as guiding and communication skills.

For more information visit: https://www.kyotovisitorshost.com/en/