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Moeloco helps the world, one shoe at a time

It’s hard to imagine the difference one pair of school shoes can have on a child’s life. Such a simple necesity when you think about it.

While children around Australia run around in a selection of shoes, for many children in India, the necessities we take for granted in the modern world are sadly amiss.

There are currently over 300 million children in the world with no shoes. Children who live in rural Bengal often have to walk miles to attend school and that’s if they’re not engaged in child labour.

Kathy Wong had a dream to provide thongs/flip flops which could make a difference in the world. Her brand titled Moeloco means dream (Moe) and crazy (Loco) Bring it together and you have one woman who’s dream crazy to make the world a better place.

Imagine not being able to walk to school safely for the fear of walking through snake infested fields, across dust tracks and around local reservoirs. Many children run a high risk of picking up infections from the ground beneath them as they wade through human waste, toxic waters and cesspools to get from A to B.

Kathy has partnered with the Hope Foundation to support and provide orphans at risk in India with shoes. The Indo-Bangladesh border has a high incidence of human trafficking which sees 30 thousand children on average trafficked into Kolkata on an annual basis for work in the sex trade, as domestic servants and for organ harvesting. HOPE works 24/7 to rescue children from these shadows.

For every pair of thongs sold, a pair of shoes are donated to a child living in poverty in India. As a result of Moeloco, 300 pairs of shoes have already been delivered to the children in The Hope protection homes and to children in a Bengal village. Moeloco are well on their way to another 700 being despatched before the next school term in India.

Moeloco shoes

There are currently five designs available in six shoe sizes. These are: Live Love, Dream Crazy, Because I’m Happy, I am peace, I am grateful. We also do 2 men’s thongs in the I am Peace and Dream Crazy in three shoe sizes. They are currently creating a first dedicated kids shoe.

While shoes, to many of us, are everyday accessories, to the street children of Kolkata, they are lifesaving luxuries. Moeloco reminds us to always dream crazy.

To support this worthwhile cause, check out the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/moelocoflipflop or visit the website www.moeloco.com



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