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Kinosaki Onsen has a hot summer of events

Kinosaki Onsen, Japan’s best hot spring resort town, is about to kick off another summer of events and festivals and it’s going to be an exciting one.

Stretching from the end of July through almost the entire month of August, Kinosaki summer festival season sure knows how to treat visitors.

“Summer in Kinosaki Onsen gives travellers the unique chance to be transported back to a traditional, nostalgic era of Japan. With everyone wearing yukata and geta, onsen hopping, visiting food stalls, and engaging in traditional festival events, it is the perfect destination for an authentic Japanese summer experience” said Alison Roberts-Brown, former long-term Japan resident and Director of Tourism Garden, representative of Visit Kinosaki in Australia.

Every day throughout the festival period, the town will hold a Shrine Festival during which food stalls and games will be set up at Shisho Shrine next to Goshono-Yu, one of Kinosaki Onsen’s seven public bath houses.

On selected days at 9 pm, there will be fireworks above the Otani River, reflecting an explosion of colours onto the water. On the very last day of festivities, 25th August, people will gather along the river for the Lantern Festival, one of the most magical events in Kinosaki Onsen in which hundreds of festival goers participate in making lanterns, put a candle inside, and watch them float down Otani River – a magical and authentic way to experience Kinosaki summer.

Other unique highlights on this year’s summer events agenda include the Furusato Festival, on 6th August, where you can witness typical performances such as taiko (Japanese drums) whilst enjoying food and game stalls, as well as Obon, an annual Buddhist event for commemorating one’s ancestors and where you can participate in traditional folk dancing known as Bon Odori (Obon Dance).

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