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Isolated Tourist Spots Where You’re Cut Off from The World

Want to take a trip away, but hate having to deal with the flocks of tourists who frequent the most popular areas? Not every location is going to have hordes of people making it impossible to enjoy. Today, let’s take a look at isolated tourist spots where you’re cut off from the rest of the world. 


Blue Eye – Albania

This incredible spot is one of the most unique in the world – primarily because it is incredibly difficult to find. As one of the most secluded points of interest in Europe, the Blue Eye is definitely worth checking out if you’re after some relaxation and peace of mind.

The Blue Eye can be found by travelling down a narrow dirt road which on first glance seems totally inconspicuous. Once you reach the end of it however, you’re greeted with one of the clearest and most beautiful blue pools you’re ever likely to see. A small floating platform has been added to the locale to truly appreciate the majestic scenery. 


Veerabhadra Temple – India

Lovers of all things classical will appreciate the Veerabhadra Temple in India. The religious place of worship was constructed in either 1530 or 1540 (sources vary) by a pair of brothers who were governors in the area at the time. The temple was raised to worship the Hindu God Shiva, and is still a place of significance for members of that faith.

It’s certainly not an easy spot to reach though – which is what contributes to its isolating qualities. Visitors need to travel through remote villages on a journey which is expected to take as long as a day. It’s recommended you hire a driver who knows the area to do this with. 


Ciudad Perdida – Colombia

Hidden away – a 6-day trek from the nearest civilisation – is the lost Mayan city of Ciudad Perdida. This ancient colony was built by the Tayrona people back in the 11th century, but was only discovered again in the 1970s, in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains.

Nobody is quite sure why this city was abandoned, but it must have been so in a hurry. When it was found in the 20th century, most of the original architecture was still relatively intact – with the likes of tools and child’s toys found lying around. Naturally, this left the expedition which found it relatively freaked out. 


Tuamotus – Tahiti

This region is made up of 78 coral reef islands spread across Tahiti and French Polynesia.

Despite their immense natural beauty and ability to be reached via boat, their remote location has seen them relatively unspoiled by tourists.

There are very few touristy activities to do here, with the locals relying on fishing and finding black pearls to earn a living in their tropical paradise. This lack of outright “things to do” means you won’t find many people here. That allows you the chance to relax in the sun on golden beaches and crisp blue waters – away from everyone.

Like the sound of any of these isolated tourist spots? Try one out for yourself the next time you’re looking for a holiday idea where you won’t be disturbed by your fellow holidaymakers.