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InterContinental Fiji now plastic straw-free

InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa has announced that the entire resort has successfully gone ‘Plastic Straw-Free’, in an effort to conserve and protect the environment.

Plastic pollution, according to Intercontinental Fiji’s Area General Manager, Mr Andrew Davidson, is a global phenomenon that has crept up over decades, and now more than ever, requires global reaction.

“With the introduction of this plastic straw-free campaign we hope to do our part in managing and using plastic more wisely which in turn might inspire more hospitality operators to do the same,” said Mr Davidson.

“Taking meaningful steps to eliminating plastic straws and other plastic items will help reduce our environmental footprint and advance our long-term sustainability goals as environmental stewards.”

According to Fiji’s Department of Environment, Fijians use, on average, 50 to 60 million plastic bags yearly, which was the catalyst behind the Fijian government agreeing to enforce a plastic bag levy under the “Environment and Climate Adaption Levy”.

Onetime-use plastic items have a devastating impact on the environment which, according to Plastic Oceans, sees approximately 8 million tons of plastic getting dumped into oceans, proving to be a major threat to marine life and the environment globally.

As the only luxury resort located on Natadola Bay, Fiji, InterContintental Fiji also pride themselves on existing environmental initiatives such as ‘Coral Planting’ and ‘Reef-Ology’, education initiatives located at the resort about the importance of coral reefs and issues impacting the marine ecosystem.


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