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How to maximise your travel leave in 2023

With the end of 2022 upon us and travel returned to the best kind of normal post-pandemic, it is time to start planning those holidays for next year.

Companies are already asking employees to lock in their four weeks of annual holiday leave for 2023, so there is no better time to plan than now. Australia is blessed to have a large number of public holidays, and when used right, you can really maximise your leave days to get a larger stretch of time off.

Some days in 2023 are public holidays that fall on weekends, so those with a Monday to Friday gig are having the day off anyway. However, plan around the ‘real’ public holidays that treat you to a weekday off work, and you can make the most of a strategically extended holiday.

Of course the Christmas and New Year break is a big one, where you get the most stretch of just three annual leave days to take 10 days off. There is also Easter Holidays, Australia Day and the Queen’s Birthday to work around.

Here is the breakdown of how to do that.

Australia Day Holiday

Uluru, Australia. Photo: Supplied

Use 4 days of annual leave and get 9 days off in a row

Saturday, January 21- Weekend

Sunday, January 22- Weekend

Monday, January 23- Annual Leave

Tuesday, January 24- Annual Leave

Wednesday, January 25- Annual Leave

Thursday, January 26- Australia Day

Friday, January 27- Annual Leave

Saturday, January 28- Weekend

Sunday, January 29- Weekend

Easter Holidays

easter bunny and eggs on grass field
Photo by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto on Pexels.com

Use 4 days of annual leave and get 10 days off in a row

Friday, April 7- Good Friday

Saturday, April 8- Easter Saturday

Sunday, April 9- Easter Sunday

Monday, April 10- Easter Monday

Tuesday, April 11- Annual Leave (TAS public holiday)

Wednesday, April 12- Annual Leave

Thursday, April 13- Annual Leave

Friday, April 14- Annual Leave

Saturday, April 15- Weekend

Sunday, April 16- Weekend

Anzac Day Holiday

red flowers in bloom
Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

Use 4 days of annual leave and get 10* days off in a row

Saturday, April 22- Weekend

Sunday, April 23- Weekend

Monday, April 24- Annual Leave

Tuesday, April 25- Anzac Day

Wednesday, April 26- Annual Leave

Thursday, April 27- Annual Leave

Friday, April 28- Annual Leave

Saturday, April 29- Weekend

Sunday, April 30- Weekend

Monday, May 1- *QLD and NT residents get Labour Day, May Day public holidays

Queen’s Birthday Holiday

man driving vehicle near tree
Photo by Deeana Arts on Pexels.com

Use 4 days of annual leave and get 9 days off in a row

Saturday, June 10- Weekend

Sunday, June 11- Weekend

Monday, June 12- Queen’s Birthday (excluding QLD and WA)

Tuesday, June 13- Annual Leave

Wednesday, June 14- Annual Leave

Thursday, June 15- Annual Leave

Friday, June 16- Annual Leave

Saturday, June 17- Weekend

Sunday, June 18- Weekend

2023-2024 Christmas/New Year Holidays

people watching fireworks display during nighttime
Photo by Jonas Von Werne on Pexels.com

Use 3 days of annual leave and get 10 days off in a row

Saturday, December 23- Weekend

Sunday, December 24- Christmas Eve (NT, QLD, SA get evening public holiday)

Monday, December 25- Christmas Day

Tuesday, December 26- Boxing Day

Wednesday, December 27- Annual Leave

Thursday, December 28- Annual Leave

Friday, December 29- Annual Leave

Saturday, December 30- Weekend

Sunday, December 31- New Year’s Eve (NT and SA get evening public holiday)

Monday, January 1- New Year’s Day

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Happy Holiday Planning!

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