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Hotel Review: Chameleon Hill Lodge, Uganda

If you go gorilla trekking in Uganda there is one thing that is just as important as good hiking boots, and that is a good place to rest your aching body and relax after a day in the mountains.

The perfect place for this is Chameleon Hill Lodge in Bwindi National Park. This lodge sits perched on the hill overlooking Lake Mutanda with the Virunga Volcanoes as a magnificent backdrop. The view from the lodge’s main deck is breathtaking, as mist clings to the lake and surrounding mountains.

Chameleon Hill Lodge stands out in contrast against the green of Bwindi, with flamboyant, vibrant colours. Individual chalets lined down the hill and flaunted their own identity and colour scheme with high quality, hand-made furnishings that boasted a unique Euro-African style.

The friendly staff are just as colourful, and happy to assist with anything you need, even some resident dogs to share your bed in case you are missing your own dog back home.


The Location

Some nine-hours drive from Kampala, and Ugandan roads can take their toll with all the bumping around, and you arrive at Bwindi National Park. From the Lodge it is then about 1 hour drive into the National Park to where you begin the Gorilla Trekking Adventures.


The Room

Each room at Chameleon Hill is unique in its own sense and comes with a private garden and patio with stunning views across the lake. Each chalet is equipped with a modern en-suite bathroom and after 7 hours of trekking, possibly the best shower I have ever had (the panorama window meant I could enjoy the lake and volcanoes even when showering). My chalet was a favourite with the 3 resident dogs, who joined me for the night, offering a comfort I missed from my dog back home.


The Lodge

Everything about this lodge oozed a unique African feel. Everywhere you look is artwork and crafts by locals, adding to the authenticity of the lodge. Chameleon Hill provides plenty of comfy spots and peaceful places where guests can relax after a long day on the road. From the wooden deck overlooking the lake to the veranda in your private little garden, there will always be space to put your feet up, unwind and relax.

Travel Journalist Kate Webster was a guest at Chameleon Hill Lodge with Uganda Tourism. This review is a true account and has not approved nor edited with all words by Kate.

Kate Webster

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