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A Guide to the Perfect Weekend in Melbourne

When you have just two days to spend in Melbourne, it’s important to make each moment count. There is a lot to see and do in this city, so you will need to carefully cut down and curate the list until you have the perfect selection. Here’s how to do it.

Travel Fast

To get everywhere in enough time to make it count, you have to travel fast. Don’t bother hiring a car – Melbourne’s public transport system is very efficient and runs on just one ticket. You can take the tram most places, but there is also the SkyBus as well as the train system. Make sure that your hotel is central to everything you want to do as this will make getting around even quicker.

Dine Well

Don’t go just anywhere for your lunches and dinners. Make sure that you see the best of the city in a culinary sense as well. Head for the CBD for a café lunch that includes coffee done to a fine art. If you are interested in wine, sample some from the nearby Yarra Valley with dinner. Be sure to check out the latest recommendations for up-and-coming restaurants in the Melbourne scene to get the best this season has to offer.

Choose Your Adventure

It’s important to decide what kind of trip you want to have, since your time is limited. If you love wildlife, you can stop at the Melbourne Zoo for most of the day and try the Aquarium too. If you prefer absorbing history, take a guided tour around the oldest parts of the city, admiring landmarks like the Flinders Street station which have informed the growth of Melbourne as a whole. If culture is your thing, take the time to check out galleries and museums, including part of the Australian National Gallery’s collection which lives here. Only you can pick out the activities that will suit you the most!

Shop in Style

Don’t miss the chance to pick up some souvenirs from your stay. Depending on what kind of shopping you like to do, there are lots of options here. You can head to the Queen Victoria Market to get up close and personal with the locals. Food and drink stalls are partnered with clothing, arts and crafts, jewellery, and more in this beautiful marketplace. It’s huge too, and can give you a full day of exploring. Then there’s Harbour Town if you prefer designer outlets. With up to a 70% discount on normal retail prices, this is the place to pick up a high-quality bargain. There are hundreds of outlets, shops, and restaurants to explore.

Plan Ahead

Want your trip to be a seriously special one? Plan ahead to coincide with one of the city’s big events. There’s the test series if you like cricket, and Mapping Melbourne in December for fine art installations. The Australian Open takes place in January, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival happens every spring. There are plenty of musicals and theatre events to look out for each year, and the biggest point on the calendar has to be the Melbourne Cup. Don’t miss out on the other various festivals that are held here, celebrating comedy, film, art, and the city itself. Getting the chance to fit one of these huge events into your weekend visit will absolutely make it a trip to remember.

With just 48 hours to spend, it’s important that you cram in as much activity as possible. You can rest on Monday – let the city entertain you with the best that it has to offer before then.


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