Vietjet, a new-age carrier based in Vietnam, launched flights into Australia in 2023, connecting Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane directly to Vietnam and beyond. With a commitment to providing affordable and comfortable air travel, Vietjet has become a popular choice for both leisure and business travellers seeking to explore the wonders of Vietnam and beyond.

Vietjet’s flights from Australia to Vietnam offer a convenient gateway to an extraordinary destination. The airline’s extensive network allows for seamless connections to various domestic destinations within Vietnam, enabling visitors to explore the country’s diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and delectable cuisine.

Renowned for its exceptional service and modern fleet, VietJet ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Passengers can choose from a range of fare options, including the popular Business Class (known as SkyBoss), which provides a premium experience with added benefits such as exclusive lounges, priority boarding, and enhanced onboard amenities. With Vietjet’s commitment to customer satisfaction, travellers can expect a seamless and hassle-free travel experience, from booking to arrival.

Kate Webster recently flew with Vietjet. Here is the verdict.

Flight: VJ086 from Sydney (SYD) to Ho Chi Minh (SGN)

Aircraft: Airbus A330-300 configured to seat 377 passengers in a two-class layout.

Class: Business Class (SkyBoss)

Configuration: 2-2-2

Duration:  8hrs 50 mins

Check-In & Lounge Access

Checking in for Business Class with Vietjet was a breeze. The airline offers online check-in but I chose to use the service counters and staff at the airport. Upon arriving at Sydney International Airport, I was greeted with a dedicated check-in counter for Business Class passengers, providing a seamless and expedited check-in experience. I was given a fast pass to take me quickly through customs and security checks and a lounge pass to access the airport lounge (always a bonus), which in Sydney is The House Lounge.

FREQUENT FLYER: Vietjet’s loyalty program is now available with passengers able to redeem points for Vietjet flight tickets and more than 250 culinary, shopping and travel brands around the world through the SkyJoy application or at

BAGGAGE: A Business Class (SkyBoss) ticket has a massive 60kg luggage allowance for checked baggage and a carry-on item is allowed at 18kg.

The Seat

Business Class seat reclined. Photo – Kate Webster

Stepping into the Business Class cabin, I was greeted by an elegant and sophisticated ambience. The spacious layout and sleek design created an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. The leather seats exuded luxury and were equipped with ample legroom, ensuring a relaxing journey ahead. The exclusive cabin has 12 premium flat beds with an innovative design that reclines up to 180 degrees for the most comfortable experience. I was given a care pack with a pillow, blanket and toiletries bag.


A lunch selection on board. Photo – Kate Webster

MEALS: Premium organic cuisine is served in Business Class (SkyBoss) with a wide variety of meals and beverages to choose from. An example of the meals includes Chicken Vermicelli Noodles, Vietnamese bread, Prime Pho, Savory Sticky Rice, Gravy Chicken, and Buttery Grilled Fish Fillet. All meals are served with salad or rolled egg as appetizers, croissants with soft roll and butter, together with a delicious coconut jelly pudding (my favourite) or other desserts like newly baked cake, fresh fruit and yogurt. Never fear if you are Vegan or Vegetarian as there are those options too. The drinks menu included beer, wine, spirits, juices, soft drinks and even some cocktails.

ENTERTAINMENT: There is no inflight entertainment in the way of TV screens or audio, only an inflight magazine to read. Being the savvy traveller I am, I took my own tablet loaded with movies and a book to read, which kept me occupied.

The Verdict

The SkyBoss Business Class cabins were so spacious. Photo – Kate Webster

I would 100% travel with Vietjet again. I loved the food served on board – and I don’t normally like plane food. The seat was comfortable and allowed me to sleep on the overnight flight home. I really recommend spending a bit more and going to Business Class. Just remember that there is no in-flight TV entertainment so make sure you download your movies prior to flying.

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Kate Webster

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