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Chimu help the drought with a bale a booking

Chimu Adventures has announced that for every booking made in August, they will donate a bale of hay through Rural Aid to support rural communities.

At present, Farmers across Australia are facing one of the worst droughts in history.

The price of grain has risen while the price of stock has fallen, and rural communities are suffering.

The severity of the drought has influenced Chimu to look into ways in which they can help.

Rural Aid/Buy a Bale is a registered charity established in 2013, after reading about Queensland farmers who were being forced to destroy their cattle and abandon their land due to the conditions, Charles and Tracy Alder felt compelled to do something.

Conversations with agriculture industry groups and a background in marketing led them to establish the fundraising campaign ‘Buy a Bale’ – a tangible way for Australian’s to help.

Since September 2013, the campaign has delivered over 160,000 bales of hay across four states in Australia.

$20 buys a bale of hay and contributes to the transportation of it to affected areas.

For the month of August, Chimu Adventures has announced that they will donate one bale of hay for every booking made.

As Polar and Latin America specialists, Chimu have supported hundreds of local communities in Latin America through their MAD Project which aims to empower local communities and help them develop their own infrastructure for the future.

Chimu has also run fundraising voyages to the polar regions to raise much needed cash for Australian not-for-profit organisations such as the Mawson’s Huts FoundationLove Your Sister and The McGrath Foundation, so Chimu are thrilled that they can help travellers to support another local charity such as Rural Aid/Buy a Bale.

Chimu urges the rest of the travel industry to do the same and show their support for rural communities in Australia.

For more information, see https://www.chimuadventures.com/en-au/a-bale-a-booking



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