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Air Tahiti Nui unveils new look Tahitian Dreamliners

French Polynesia’s flag carrier Air Tahiti Nui has unveiled the striking look of its Tahitian Dreamliner, with the design and colours inspired by the beauty and richness of the Polynesian islands.

The first images of the new Tahitian Dreamliner show a design that centres around the blues that Tahiti is synonymous with, Air Tahiti Nui’s trademark tiare flower and a tattoo pattern representing a story of Tahiti and its people.

In a further nod to its Polynesian roots, the airline revealed the secret message that will form when the new Boeing fleet is complete. When the airline has received all four Dreamliners by September 2019, their registration codes will join together to say ‘the warrior (TOA) going forward (MUA) in the great (NUI) canoe (VAA)’.

The first look inside the new aircraft reveals a colour palette which is distinctly Tahitian with more blue hues and Polynesian flourishes.

Designed with space and comfort in mind, guests enter via a vast, welcoming entry way that evokes a sense of the sky while the cabin’s wide ceiling and walls offer extra shoulder and head room.

Inspired by “nui” (meaning grand or great) the Tahitian Dreamliner isn’t just a visual immersion in the islands, it has been designed to immerse guests in “mana” – the lifeforce of Polynesians – from the moment they board in the hope they will carry the positive energy with them long after their visit.

The livery and cabin design of the airline’s new fleet of B787-9s was unveiled in Tahiti last week in front of hundreds of guests including French Polynesia President Edouard Fritch and Boeing Commercial Airplanes Senior Vice President Dinesh Keskar.

Air Tahiti Nui Chief Executive Officer Michel Monvoisin said the Tahitian Dreamliner would be a great ambassador for the Islands of Tahiti, proudly wearing its Polynesian colours all over the world and delivering the promise of a dream holiday.

“For Air Tahiti Nui, it is the passenger experience that takes precedence, and so we wished to build on the foundations that make the company a success: the sense of hospitality and sharing, with the Polynesian heart and soul to be enhanced by a travel experience that we want to be the most immersive in the world,” Mr Monvoisin said.

Mr Keskar said: “The B787-9 is an aircraft that will allow Air Tahiti Nui to economise more than 29,000 tonnes of fuel per year, reducing financial costs substantially and so improve its competitiveness. This is also an appreciable environmental gesture. With 90,000 tonnes less CO2 released into the atmosphere every year, the Tahitian Dreamliners will contribute to the fundamental effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.”

Australians and New Zealanders are set to be among the first to be carried to their dream destination on the wings of the Tahitian Dreamliner with the new aircraft commencing service on the Auckland to Papeete route on November 8, 2018.

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The story behind the livery

  • Tiare: From the very beginning, a white tiare, a symbol of beauty in Tahiti, has adorned Air Tahiti Nui’s tail. While the fleet and livery design has changed, the tiare remains unchanged, carrying the airline into the future while also offering a proud reminder of the past 20 years. Each guest receives a real tiare flower upon arrival, a living, beautifully fragrant extension of Polynesian hospitality.
  • Shades of Blue: The three main shades of blue on the aircraft body draw inspiration from Tahiti’s oceans, lagoons and the sky.
  • Tattoo: ‘Tatau’ originated in French Polynesia and the tattoo designs on the rear of the Tahitian Dreamliner tell a visual story about Tahiti. The tiare is encircled by ripples on the water with flocks of birds that represent friendship and helping others. A manta ray represents wisdom, protection and elegance, while a whale represents strength and abundance. The albatross represents freedom and the ability to rise above to gain an elevated perspective. A Tiki and Tiki eye watch over guests, providing symbolic protection. Ocean waves represent French Polynesians ancestral home, life and continuity. Fish hooks are a symbol of prosperity, abundance and luck.
  • Red Lines: The Tahitian Dreamliner carries two red lines on its sides representing French Polynesia’s flag.

The latest unveiling follows the airline’s recent rebrand with Air Tahiti Nui’s trademark Tiare flower taking on a sophisticated and modern new look as part of ongoing 20th anniversary celebrations.


For more information on the Dreamliner visit www.tahitiandreamliner.airtahitinui.com/en/



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