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Conservation tours that make a difference

Travellers who are looking for a unique tour where they can get hands on involved in wildlife conservation can now choose from a selection of destinations with Where Wild Things Roam Travel. Where Wild Things Roam have launched a Travel platform offering unique tours that provide travellers with an opportunity to

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Immerse yourself in Sabah’s Mari Mari Village

Expecting a boring historical lesson delivered by a few slideshow presentations, I was amazed at what Mari Mari Cultural Village has achieved. Located deep in the countryside about 25 minutes from the modern and developing Kota Kinabalu city, the village operates as more than just a museum that preserves Borneo ethnic

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A dive to discover the great white shark

I gripped the railings of the boat as it bounced about in the messy swell. Light filtered  across the water from the sun just creeping above the horizon. While  this picturesque area is popular with locals and holidaymakers, there is another reason that hundreds of tourists visit here  every month; something

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