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Book your dream holiday while at work with new desktop app

KAYAK have launched a new desktop application, Desktop Escape, to help Australians discreetly browse for their next holiday while at work.

According to KAYAK, Australians are dreaming of their next holiday escape while at their desks, with results showing that 56% of travellers planned their trips during weekday work hours.

“Our data shows that Aussies are not shy about planning their travel from work, with more than half of people making bookings during working hours,” Robin Chiang, Country Head of KAYAK Australia and New Zealand, said.

“With so many people in Australia daydreaming about their next holiday, KAYAK’s Desktop Escape is a great desktop application for providing travel inspiration, helping make a dream ‘escape’ into a reality”.

KAYAK’s new desktop app, Desktop Escape, is designed to inspire and help Australians get through work and at the same time give them something to dream about.

The free app provides imagery from 90+ destinations across the world for users’ computer backgrounds, highlighting how Aussie travellers can book the cheapest flights to those destinations at the click of a button.

Users can choose the frequency with which their background image refreshes based on their preferences.

By clicking the ‘Escape’ button potential travellers will be directed to the KAYAK.com.au website where they can get their dream holiday booked.

The app was created as a direct response to data that reveals the peak hours for travel searches occur just after lunch at 2pm on any given work day.

KAYAK’s data also reveals the top destinations Australian travellers are browsing during work hours are Bali, London and Sydney.

For more information, please visit Desktop Escape.



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