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Bali’s freshest beach club is Tropicola

Bali’s beach club scene is booming and Tropicola is soon to be the newest kid on the block.

The team behind Motel Mexicola and Bondi’s Bucket List have announced Tropicola, Bali’s freshest beach club, is set to rise up from the Island’s most famous beachfront in a riot of movement and colour on 11th August.

Tropicola provides for long lazy days and fun, balmy nights. It’s a mansion and playground for the new jet set that deliberately evokes nostalgia from another era, bringing a Slim Aarons picture to life for friends to relax and party by the beach from 11am to midnight every day.

It’s an 80’s leaning pool club with clean lines, bright colours, cascading plants and an amphitheater shaped towards the beach that showcases views of the ‘golden mile” of Seminyak beach (and beyond) from every vantage point. Memories of Miami, Acapulco, Palm Springs, Tulum and Playa Del Carmen are woven into a drink and dine beach club unique to Bali.

Tropicola Beach Club features three bars that sprawl over multiple levels surrounding two pools. It’s open kitchen is centered on wood-fired cooking. British born Chef Steve Skelly, responsible for the award-winning food at Mexicola, Da Maria and Luigi’s Hot Pizza (ex Urchin Bali, Pier Sydney), is bringing the fruits of his travels to bear on a menu anchored by wood-fired grills and ovens.

Finally, Tropicola is about creating a mood and a memory transported from other times and places to the shores of Bali. A big part of this is music, so they have flown in Juan Ego from the Yutacan peninsula in Mexico. He is an Argentinian who has lived in Playa Del Carmen for almost 20 years, playing all of the biggest beach, villa and hotel parties since the 80’s. His Tropical soundsystem will transport every Tropicola sunset into a pandemonium of celebratory good times. When the sun drops into the ocean and Juan turns up the treble on Coconut Woman by Lloyd Price and staff in crisp red and white weave through the crowd with trays of complimentary drinks you will know you have found your Bali home. This will become a signature memory of your stay at Tropicola and a sunset ritual you might dream about for decades.

Tropicola is a big, beautiful place from another time. Guests will feel the sunshine on their back, smell the coconut oil in the air and see the kaleidoscope of colour as they enjoy the sunset and reach for another Tropicolada. It’s a paradise by the sea for everyone – the perfect day, the perfect night.

Tropicola is what it felt like.

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For more visit www.tropicola.info



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