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5 Reasons to visit Kinosaki Onsen this Winter

Japanese winter has officially started and Japan’s Best Hot Spring Town, Kinosaki-Onsen, is about to transform into the ultimate winter wonderland ready to charm Australian travellers seeking to warm themselves up in Japan’s finest hot springs.

But whilst hot springs are the obvious must-do when visiting Kinosaki, there are also a variety of other winter experiences that are just as worth delving into, according to Visit Kinosaki.

“From wandering the willow-lined streets to seeing ancient temples and castles covered in snow, experiencing Kinosaki in winter is as close to a real-life fairy tale as you can get” said Alison Roberts-Brown, former long-term Japan resident and Director of Tourism Garden, representative of Visit Kinosaki in Australia.

“Throw delicious winter food and exquisite onsens into the mix and you will have an experience that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world” she added.

According to Visit Kinosaki, these are the 5 most magical winter experiences to be had in Japan’s Best Hot Spring Town:

The Hot Spring Experience

The ultimate Kinosaki signature experience, there is simply no better time of the year to indulge in the world’s best onsens than in winter. From outdoor cave baths to ice saunas, Kinosaki’s bath houses are the ultimate wellness heaven.

Sample Local Winter Food

Winter in Kinosaki means a feast at every turn. The best winter food of Kinosaki Onsen is without a doubt, Matsuba Crab (Snow Crab).  The town offers some of the freshest and tastiest crabs in Japan with the majority of the crabs brought in daily from the nearby port of Tsuiyama. Some of the various ways it can be eaten include crab hot pot, grilled crab and sashimi. Many tourists flock to Kinosaki during the season to enjoy this special delicacy.

Winter Sport Activities

If you can’t resist the temptation of some winter adrenaline, head to Kannabe Mountains for a day or two, enjoy some skiing, snowshoeing, snow rafting or sledding. And while you’re there, make sure you check out Yutorogi Onsen, a great public bath in the midst of the mountains.

Winter Fairy Tale in Izushi Castle Town

For the most magical fairy tale experience, Izushi castle town is an old town that flourished during the Edo era and the spirit of the old days of Japan can still be felt. There are several fine displays of traditional architecture found throughout the town that are particularly charming when covered in snow.

Visit the mystical Dragon Palace

Located right near Kinosaki Marine world, the dragon palace (‘Ryugujo’ in Japanese) is a picture-perfect castle sitting on a small island off the coast that is well-known in Japan for its ties with the Japanese fairy tale of ‘Urashima Taro’.

For more information, visit www.visitkinosaki.com


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